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Love this…

April 27, 2011

Nine West homepage on point!

The love really does start early.

Sweet Potato Fries

April 26, 2011

Sweet Potato Fries

2-3 sweet potatoes, washed and scrubbed clean

2 cups of water

2 cups of canola oil



1.  Place clean sweet potatoes in sauce pan with water and boil until fork tender but not too soft.

2.  Scrape skin off of sweet potatoes and slice lengthwise and then in 4 – 5 wedges

3. Heat oil in frying pan till sizzling hot (when you throw drops of water in, it sizzles, duh)

4.  Fry sweet potato wedges in batches, a handful at a time

5.  Remove from heat and sprinkle with salt and pepper (or cinnamon sugar if you dare)

* Use these sauces to dip them in

Despite the beautiful Spring Day…

April 26, 2011

This is the story of our life changing accident two years ago…

Despite the beautiful spring day in late April, the North Rim of the Grand Canyon was still closed, we were told at the Jacob Lake Diner on Alternate Route 89.  After a big breakfast of over easy eggs, hash browns and toast, we loaded our 7 month old baby girl into her car seat and headed on the road again.  We were on Day 2 of our road trip from Idaho to Florida where my husband, David and I were moving for medical residency.

I carefully drove us out of the canyon’s winding roads and continued on our way, disappointed that we wouldn’t get to see the magnificent Grand Canyon but pleased to be making such good time on our trip.  That feeling of accomplishment was snatched away so quickly in the next few moments as our careful travel plans would be interrupted.  Alternate Route 89 was a narrow winding highway with no shoulder on either side of the highway, just endless red clay earth and sage brush.  I mistakenly veered to the right and attempted to straighten our Chevy Impala on the road again.  However, there was a stubborn lip where the asphalt met the red clay earth as I yanked the steering wheel; I realized there was oncoming traffic very near us.  In an effort to avoid hitting a car, I overcorrected in the opposite direction and before we knew what was happening, our car flipped several times and landed on its tires, right side up.

I can’t begin to recall the feelings we experienced in the moments following our car accident.  I remember feeling very confused about what happened mixed with a throbbing pain in my neck.  As the red dust in the air settled, my husband quickly sprung into action.  Realizing that he had some blood coming from his external ear and having confirmation that I was hurt because of my moans, David elbowed the right passenger window, shattering the glass and jumped out of the car’s window to pull our baby out of the car.  Her car window was broken and she was crying loudly but was quiet and happy as soon as she was held.  Relieved that no harm had come to our baby, the first of many miracles, David came around to the mangled drivers’ side and started asking me questions, ascertaining my orientation to person, place and time.  I knew who and where I was, but my neck hurt and I stubbornly kept trying to move while David insisted I keep still.

The feeling of solitude and exasperation came over Dave as he realized how isolated we were.  Two cars passed by on the highway and didn’t stop.  A minivan of Asian tourists stopped and my husband handed them the baby in exchange for a bottle of water and continued to demand I keep still.  The next car on the scene had a middle aged couple and a daughter who happened to be a Registered Nurse, the second miracle of the day.  She helped David pack some of our baby’s diapers around my head to keep it immobile.  The  first car that had passed initially, came back and told them they had called for help at a gas station ten miles away due to lack of cell phone service.  They helped to pick up our belongings that had scattered throughout the desert and we all waited for the medical help to arrive.

Two police cars came on the scene first, followed by the Life Flight that would take me to a hospital in Page, AZ.  Amazingly, the pilot was a friend of ours who happened to be training in Arizona that day, another miracle that our Heavenly Father had planned for us.  We knew Brian’s family from our time in Houma, Louisiana when we were doing our clinical rotations at the charity hospital and he was an oil rig pilot.  We lived in the same apartment complex and belonged to the same small ward of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  They had since moved to northern Utah. Before the helicopter took off, Brian and David gave me a blessing.  Brian took the rest of the day off and stayed with us at the ER in Page.  He checked on me as I waited for my CT Scan results and wiped the red clay dirt away from my face and teeth and gave me a drink of water.  Dave had a small laceration on his ear lobe that was being sutured with three stitches. After a thorough examination, Anabelle let everyone know with her smiles and laughter that she was as healthy as could be.  We were told that I had two fractures in my second cervical vertebra for which I would need neurosurgery.  I would have to be transferred to Phoenix for the surgery.

Brian took Dave to get a rental car and to the junkyard where our totaled car had been towed. They retrieved all our suitcases and Brian bought us a new car seat for Anabelle while I was flown to Phoenix by a life flight airplane.  The kindness that was shown to us by Brian and to me by the medical crew was overwhelming. I closed my eyes in gratitude, along with some help from the pain relief medication as we took the one hour flight to Phoenix.  My husband and baby would drive 5 hours to Phoenix.

I arrived at the trauma ER at St. Joseph’s Hospital on a hard board and was seen by various medical staff and had a multitude of scans done as I waited to be reunited with my husband again.  We knew two other LDS families living in Phoenix, the Allphin’s and the Thomas’s from medical school.  Dave spoke to Kendrick  and asked him to visit me at the hospital until he arrived.  His wife, Stephanie offered to take care of Anabelle for two days while we were in the hospital.  Dave and the Allphin’s hadn’t spoken for two years because of a disagreement but the last miracle was of forgiveness and reuniting of their friendship as the Allphin’s took care of Anabelle for two days as well.

By the time I was reunited with my husband in Phoenix, I had undergone another series of tests and scans and had been seen by the neurosurgery specialists.   Kendrick had been a great substitute while David was on his way there, giving me water from a cup by a sponged spoon and asking the doctors questions. I found out that I also had a small fracture in my sternum as well and a small left vertebral artery tear, both of which would not need any drastic medical attention at the time.  I had a great nurse that cleaned the dirt out of the abrasions I had and prepped me for the surgery.  My surgery was scheduled for the next day and we would wait in the ICU. Dave spent a lot of time on the phone with family members updating them periodically.  However when the time came for surgery, he would experience loneliness he had never before felt.  As new physicians, we experienced what it was like to be the patient and family member.  During the surgery, Dave was only able to keep himself distracted for 1 hour before he started to worry about my outcome.  Two hours later, I emerged from a successful anterior cervical discectomy with fusion, still intubated and sedated because of the possibility of neck swelling.  My husband stayed at my bedside the whole time.

It wasn’t till the next day that I started to be myself again.  I was on very strong pain medicine and spent a lot of the time sleeping.  Dave spent a majority of the time calling family and friends to let them know that I was ok.  I was able to speak to them occasionally.  I spent the weekend in the ICU and was transferred to the floor on Monday.  I had many loving visitors during that time.  I continued to be in a lot of pain but was able to do some things by myself.  I was discharged on Tuesday with permission to fly to our final destination in a couple of days. Dave and Chris  drove to Page to return the rental car.  Stephanie  picked me up from the hospital, picked up my prescription and made sure I was comfortable.  We stayed with the Thomas’s until it was time to fly out.  Dave’s parents had purchased the tickets so that I would be more comfortable as we continued on our journey.

The kindness that was shown to our family during this time was immeasurable.  We will be forever grateful to our family and friends and to the many strangers for extending their help.

Sorry to leave you hanging….

April 17, 2011

Didn’t mean to tease you for so long.

Hope I didn’t cause any harm.  Hope you weren’t blue.

We have a lot to catch up on to get you Up To Date….

I took my licensing exam.

We took a mini-vacation to Destin, FL for a CME.

CME is Continued Medical Education.

As doctors, we always have to be up to date.

We learned lots of new things and were reminded of some old things.

But most of all we caught up with each other…at the pool-side and on the beach

Oh, and we took lots of pictures.

With our new camera.

I won it in a raffle at our CME.


March 24, 2011

Do It Yourself

March 22, 2011

I have a new favorite blog.

Visit when you have time.

It is the cutest do-it-yourself diary blog about a young couple doing it themselves.  Self explanatory.   Ok, its a home improvement blog.

They have made national news here:

and now here:

I envy them.

They have two houses. Well, this is the second house they have owned and that they are now renovating.  They have only had their self promoting blog  (diary) for ~3 years.  They are funded by ads by Benjamin Moore, Wall Quotes.

We live in an apartment on the middle floor…sandwiched between barking dogs and obesity/large feet.  I’ve had my blog for <2 years. My blog is funded by no ads.

I don’t blog about DIY projects, you say.

Well that will change.  You wait.

My husband is the KING of perusing architecture magazine.  He spends hours at the bookstore pouring over design books.  He gets the real estate books you find in grocery stores and on street corners in ever major city we visit (5 in the last year).  He owns stock in

Ok, he doesn’t really, but point is, he has been doing research for the day we will own a house and can buy it with actual Doctor salaries, instead of minimum wage resident salaries

Maybe someday, we will actually be at home together at the same time, intead of single parenting while the other works nights.


You wait.

We’ll show you.

Florida Strawberry Festival

March 21, 2011

We went to Plant City last weekend for the great Florida Strawberry Festival.  Read How to find anything resembling a strawberry amongst the Carnies.

“The Florida Strawberry Festival represents a piece of Americana, a time in American history when fairs and festivals brought communities together through celebrations of their harvests.”

“Today, the annual event has become one of the best Festivals in the nation, and now ranks among the Top 50 Fairs in North America.”

Anabelle’s three faves: chocolate, strawberries and Daddy (in that order)

Each spring, the Florida Strawberry Festival®  ‘rolls out the red carpet’ to welcome visitors from throughout the Sunshine State and the world..


Classy, red carpet food, especially if its fried or on a stick. Yum.  Wait for next post…I am following the trend.


March 20, 2011
I made these for a Bridal Shower that I was supposed to host, but never happened. We were all sick with the puke bug so I had to cancel.  I have to tell you, they were so worth it after 24 hours of purging and fasting. People who love to cook and eat should never be punished with Gastroenteritis.
Dark Chocolate Truffles
2 cup(s) Dark Chocolate Chips or equivalent of
1/2  cup(s) Unsweetened Cocoa
1/3 cup(s) heavy whipping cream
6 tablespoon(s) unsalted butter, cut into small pieces
3/4 cup of chopped pistachios

1.  In a small saucepan, bring the cream to a simmer.  Do not boil.

2.  Add the butter and stir until melted. Add the chocolate chips or chopped chocolate. Stir until completely melted and smooth. Remove from the heat and pour into a shallow bowl.

3.  Cool, cover, and refrigerate the mixture until firm, at least 2 hours.

4.  Using a melon baller or small spoon, roll the mixture into 1-inch balls. Roll each ball in the cocoa.

5.  Enjoy immediately or refrigerate in an airtight container for up to 2 weeks.

Personal Revelation

March 15, 2011

One needs two chocolate kisses prior to any Ab workout  (to increase the glycemic index of course)

Hey!  I had two hardboiled egg whites after my workout at 4:40opm!  It was breakfast time.  (Did I mention I am working Nights?) 

You are a great deducer!  I had chocolate before breakfast.

Commentary and quotes from the Bachelor…

  • Chad is WAY hotter than Brad.  (Chad is Brad the Bachelor’s married twin brother).
  • Chantal: “We’ve been living in LaLa land. I get that”.  Finally someone that acknowledges this is rigged!
  • ” He’s her angel” (sniff sniff). Said by Pam (Brad’s mother) while commenting about what Emily said about Brad after she told her story to sway them .  You know she was not engaged to Ricky Bobby at the time of his death.  She was a pregnant girlfriend.  Trashy celebrity magazines said so!  So it must be true.
  • Brad’s brother: ” You realize this means you have to get the house and the whole picket fence”.  Brad: “Gulp”.
  • I broke down and ate M&Ms at this point!  (M&M’s that I had hidden far away in a  secret place).  It only took me 2 and 1/2 hours to find them.  Or give in to them.
  • One of Brad’s SIL (sisters in law):  ” When you’re a Mom, you just get it” .  No offense to anyone that isn’t a Mom.  JUST MOST CHICKS THAT WATCH THE SHOW!!!!
  • Brad: “We are going to do something different from sightseeing!” I am going to feed you to the Sharks MUHAHAHAH!  (especially since you’ve gained a few while on the show).  Said to Chantal while going on a boat and in a cage and in wetsuits about to be dropped in the ocean off of the African coast.
  • Chantal: “OH NO!!!  Brad: “Oh yeh!  Oh yeh! Oh yeh!”  That was just funny people.  He said it three times.
  • Brad: ” What a great way to test out the water together!” Cliche cliche
  • Brad: ” We are in it together”.  Duh! What? The water or the relationship? He is the man of cliche’s
  • Chantal:  “I travelled the world for Brad”.  Yeh, it was SO hard, having all expense paid trips and exotic vacations, helicopter rides, delicious food and luxurious hotel rooms. Boo fricking hoo
  • Chantal: “Yeay! (clap clap like a two year old)  ” I made myself cry”.  Said while Brad opened her ‘message in a bottle’ gift of a map of all the places they’ve been together and a love note. I’m not kidding she actually did and said that.
  • Is Emily really wearing a Man’s shirt with a belt around it.  Is that a dress?
  • Oh My Gosh.  Why is Emily talking about having a kid around is the end of the world.  “There is no more watching football and drinking a beer on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon”.  Hey if that was the case, I wouldn’t have had a kid!  Thank goodness my kid likes football.  She going to be a little Lyndi when she grows up.
  • I want to go to Africa but I am afraid of pirates.
  • A ring that means Bradley? did I hear that right? What does that mean?  I know nothing about jewellry.
  • Tye-dye?  Emily really? Did you forget to take your personal assistant with you to Africa.  Man, the Bachelor industry must be cutting back.  This IS a recession!
  • Chantal really needs to meet Tracy Anderson.  Or she needs to learn about Spanx.
  • Wait? Did he say ORA? Or aura? His Texan accent is killing me.  I can’t understand him.
  • Oh no! He chose Emily!  Chantal was the first out of the limo.  The first girl is always the one to go!  I can’t believe 11 seasons of experience and I made the wrong call.
  • Did he really just say “Give me your forever”.  What does that mean?
  • UGH! Brad and Emily are going to be such a BORING and well-mannered Southern couple sitting on their porch on their ranch in their rocking chairs.  I want that. 
  • He is putting his Bradley ring on her finger.  And there is a RJH band on her wrist!!!!  WHAT!  What is that you ask?  Her ex-boyfriends initials.  That is lame. 
  • Do people still wear one strap dresses?  Chantal has worn two tonight. 
  • Chantal cries too much.
  • Brad is clueless…he didn’t even know she was crying.
  • WHYis she crying.  She has a new boyfriend.
  • That is the worst commercial I have ever seen.  Cat food proposal!  Have you seen it?  Do they have to be so blatant about who their target audience is?

Dave commentary: 

  • What chance are you giving to Brad and Chris Harrison professing their undying love to each other tonight?
  • How much has his (Brad’s) Mom had to drink?
  • Is he wearing a cowboy shirt?
  • Well, with her Navajo earrings, they are the perfect fit.
  • Did she name her daughter before or after RickyBobby the movie (talking about whether Emily naming her kid after her dead boyfriend the NASCAR guy ala Talladega Nights with Will Ferrell as RickyBobby).
  • Wow, he has been the Bachelor twice and still has no testicles.  (About Brad asking a billion times if Chantal (rejected girl) was alright and if she had anything to say).
  • Me : “You should take notes” (about his proposal to Emily)
  • Dave: “On what?  Not having testicles?  Because I could loan him one”
  • Me “Shoot! I could” (on helping Brad decide who to pick)
  • Dave ” Whoa!”
  • Me “Whoa.  I mean I could help him decide.  Not testicles”

I could go on!

But there are two doughnuts left on the table.

Things have come in two’s tonight. 

Two chocolate kisses.

Two hardboiled eggs.

Two admits.

I think it is personal revelation.

Lost and Found

March 14, 2011


My Abs


3 leggos

assorted fruit snacks

play food

dust bunnies

crusted stained spilled stuff

toy bracelets

wooden puzzle piece that has bee missing forever

All of the above, under the couch.  Didn’t know they were missing.

While I was sweating and grunting.

And working on finding my abs.