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Farewell Holiday Season!

December 31, 2009

It is with great relief that we bid farewell to this year (at least that’s what Dave thinks so we can stop shopping, baking, cleaning and travelling!  I wish it could go on and on!)

We had a challenging year.  But are grateful for every day that we were blessed with.

We were grateful to spend the beginning of last year with Dave’s family and I was especially grateful to be at home with Anabelle.

We were grateful to be given jobs in a warm sunny place with people we like!

I am grateful to have survived a major car crash with an injury I can live with.

We were grateful for Marijke, Sarai, Theresa and Clover’s help with Anabelle while we settled into our new jobs.

I am grateful for the emotional, professional and spiritual challenge I had while I struggled to do it all and be the strongest and I am grateful for realizing that because I could admit that I am not always strong, does not make me weak.

We are grateful for the fulfilling callings that God has granted us in taking care of people’s lives, health and most importantly, their vulnerabilities.

We are grateful for hot dogs from gas stations on Christmas day, no traffic on the freeway and Sun Pass to avoid stopping to pay for tolls.

But during this holiday season, we are grateful for good friends that we could share breakfast, lunch or dinner with and family who were willing to cook dinner for us  without us having to do a thing! (Thanks Aunt Lorna, Uncle Harry, Stacey and Michelle).

We are grateful for sharing laughter with friends over video games and movies.

We are grateful for the perfect end to a tough year!

Can’t wait till the next time around.

We have decided that we will be different next year.

Keep things simple.  Write all the things we are grateful for down and put them in a box to read on Christmas morning instead of opening presents.  Read the Christmas story about the birth of our Savior on Christmas Eve.  Be charitable to those who are less fortunate.

There will still be cooking and baking.

AND for once I’d like to get some dorky family pictures taken and sent out as Christmas cards!

But in the mean time, here’s some of  this holiday season.

Anabelle’s very own kitchen.  Yes I am cultivating her skills at a very young age!

She opened presents so fast I couldn’t get a shot.  Ok, it was actually Dave opening them fast and Anabelle exclaiming OOOOH

Anabelle loved reading her cards.  She is so serious in all these pictures but she was ecstatic after opening presents.

Stop taking pictures of me!

Or else!

Grandma Gail

What Anabelle really wanted for Christmas was a WOO-WOO of her own.

No pictures of us as a couple or as a family.  I’m telling you I am determined to get family pictures next time around!

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  1. January 2, 2010 7:57 pm

    That bow in the kitchen is pretty amazing! (and the kitchen is too!) What a fun morning!

  2. Christina in Phoenix permalink
    January 11, 2010 11:03 pm

    I love your blog!!! Anabelle is SO CUTE!!! And the things you back and cook look amazing! I agree on trying to make Christmas simpler…. have a feeling it won’t happen for us in 2010 (we’re going to Saba). I really hope to see you all again soon and under MUCH better circumstances! I think as Sabans we have a genetic predisposition to calamities! Take care and Happy New Year!

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