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Gourmet Camping

May 25, 2010

An oxymoron, you say?

Well think again.  Do you remember me telling you the story about one of my first camping trips ?

What I didn’t tell you is that raccoons ate all our food.  All of it!

While I shook in terror in our tent thinking it was a bear.

While Dave snored away!

And my toes were cold.

And I was pregnant.  And hungry!

Do you feel sorry for me yet?  Well, I braved the camping experience again.

This time we took these people.

And their dog!

I mean,  doesn’t Ginger just scream raccoon-killer??

Sheree was raised in the Great Outdoors.

I mean, she knows a thing or two about camping!

She brought a tub of pots and pans, for goodness sake!

The first time I went camping, Dave made me eat beef stew and Spam!

Spam, people, Spam!  And we forgot a can opener.

Well, we forgot the can opener again.

But the food was amazing this time.  Surf and Turf baby!

So, I am hooked now.  You try and google gourmet camping and see how many hits you’ll get.  I am now the expert.

The state park was gorgeous!

It was a perfect Mother’s Day.

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