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Random Ramble

February 1, 2011

It is a shame that when I am absent periodically from writing in my blog that I have to reset my password.  Every time.  Shame Shame.

I have so much to talk about.


And I am post call ( doctor language for just got off overnight 14 hour shift).  But I am not going to let that stop me!

This will be the Post ‘O Random things.

1.  Like daughter like Mother, I am deliriously hyper prior to sleep and ramble away.  I recently learned that my daughter gets incredibly ADHD prior to naptime/bedtime and will run laps around the apartment, flapping her arms saying “I’m a bat!  Look at me!”

Or she while on a walk, she will mutter incoherently  “I am walking.  Mommy, we are walking!  Look a balloon!  It is  a yellow balloon (while taking off leaving the dust behind her and then stopping suddenly) to exclaim, “Ooooh! A rock”.  Look Mommy a puddle ” (While jumping in said puddle).  Then dropping to her knees to lick puddle water.

Silent Prayer: Please dear God, don’t let me lick puddle water while I write this.

2.  I love Kidd Kraddick in the morning.  I listen to it in the car driving home after work.  It keeps me laughing at the wheel as opposed to asleep at the wheel.  I even listen to it at home via Live Streaming.  And for the first time in my life, I called the show today.  To correct them on a Bachelor mistake they made of course!  Didn’t talk to them, but still.  The Bachelor is obviously an obsession of mine too.  If you are going to talk to the masses, you need to give them accurate information.

3.  Dora trumps chocolate ANY DAY!

Anabelle should win an Academy Award for the drama that unfolds when she wants to watch that short brown chick go on ‘an adventure’ with ‘the map’ and the Monkey named Boots.  I mean, seriously!  What is the fascination?  And who names their monkey Boots?  What about Christian Louboutin?  That’s a much better name.

Which begs the question, if Dora wore heels, would they look like this:

Or maybe this:

4.  The Bachelor trumps the sick and invalid.  ANY DAY!

I may not understand the Dora obsession but, I would hole up in a room watching the Bachelor while people are dying around me.  Code Blue.  Schmode Blue.  There is a rose ceremony going on, people!  I am not saying that I spent the beginning of my night last night at work watching the Bachelor and his dwindling list of women while my intern was freaking out about our dwindling list of patients.  That’s right people.  I did not say that.  We had all night after all

Disclaimer:  No patients died during the Bachelor.  One intern did have a nervous breakdown though.

For more information about The Bachelor, read: (The funniest Mormon Manhattanite/Broadway star who I would love to meet or see her in a show).  She blogs live Bachelor commentary.  And she has fantastic taste in shoes.

Or you could just watch the show.  These girls are CRAZY-cakes!

courtesy of


Or Exclusively for YOU!  Texts between my husband and I during show.  He was home.  I was at work.

Me: “Yeh he is totally gay.  He took her shopping and said it was fun.  I want that for a date.  With Roberto (my gay boyfriend) !”

Me:  ” Sweet!  Can you take me on a NASCAR date?”

Dave:  “Nope unless I get way fatter and way hairier and give up bathing altogether”

Me:  “Haha.  I love you”

Me: “So many women are playing the crying card on the show.  I don’t feel special.  WAHHHH!!!  Don’t they know it doesn’t work.  After all, I tried it myself last night on you”

Dave:  “And it worked so well.  Man do I love you”

Me: “You think so?  You just whined about your own feelings”

Dave: ” You are so funny.  And your daughter is cute.  Ok love you”

Me:  “I Know. Love you bye”

Me:  (not letting him go that easy) “Dude Brad is a HUGE Cirque de Soleil fan.  Totally gay.”

Dave:  “I told you he likes his weekends camping with the guys ala Brokeback Mountain”

More haha and I love you and night night kiss kiss.  I know we are sickeningly sappy and lovey dovey.  But can you blame us, we saw each other for one minute yesterday?!

Yeh, I know.  I should just get Twitter and Facebook.   But I wouldn;t get to ramble as much as I do with a blog.

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