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Do It Yourself

March 22, 2011

I have a new favorite blog.

Visit when you have time.

It is the cutest do-it-yourself diary blog about a young couple doing it themselves.  Self explanatory.   Ok, its a home improvement blog.

They have made national news here:

and now here:

I envy them.

They have two houses. Well, this is the second house they have owned and that they are now renovating.  They have only had their self promoting blog  (diary) for ~3 years.  They are funded by ads by Benjamin Moore, Wall Quotes.

We live in an apartment on the middle floor…sandwiched between barking dogs and obesity/large feet.  I’ve had my blog for <2 years. My blog is funded by no ads.

I don’t blog about DIY projects, you say.

Well that will change.  You wait.

My husband is the KING of perusing architecture magazine.  He spends hours at the bookstore pouring over design books.  He gets the real estate books you find in grocery stores and on street corners in ever major city we visit (5 in the last year).  He owns stock in

Ok, he doesn’t really, but point is, he has been doing research for the day we will own a house and can buy it with actual Doctor salaries, instead of minimum wage resident salaries

Maybe someday, we will actually be at home together at the same time, intead of single parenting while the other works nights.


You wait.

We’ll show you.

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